General Terms & Conditions – International Transport & Delivery Services


The items sent to destination countries may be forbidden or under restriction according to destination country rules & regulations.

Items not admitted, prohibitions according to UPU; Please refer to:

Dangerous goods according to IATA Rules Please refer to:

All items are subject to latest IATA, UPU, ICAO Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Airlines restrictions/clauses in latest IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations must be followed.

Power banks, liquids, scooters, lithium batteries not contained in equipment, perfumes, nail polishes, lotions, creams, paints, water, fruits, dry ice, hair oils, and other consumer commodities under Class 9, ID8000 will not be accepted in postal services.

Exception for lithium batteries contained in equipment Batteries contained in equipment and complying with below requirements shall be accepted; • Batteries must be installed in or built-in to the equipment. • The capacity of the lithium battery or watt-hour rated value, etc must be within certain limitations. • The limited quantity of Lithium ion / metal batteries should not more than 4 cells or 2 batteries. • The limited strength of Lithium ion per cell should be < 20Wh and per battery should be <100Wh.

The limited strength of Lithium metal per cell should be < 1 gram and per battery should be < 2 grams. • Batteries must be installed in equipment protected from damage or shorts. • Batteries must be installed in equipment for which effective measures have been taken to prevent accidental activation of the battery. • Button type lithium batteries installed in equipment do not fall under the category of dangerous goods by air. So equipment in which button type lithium batteries are installed can be sent by either airmail or surface mail. • Mail must be addressed to countries / regions without restrictions on importing lithium batteries • The batteries must be of a type for which it has been verified that they satisfy the requirements of tests provided by Part 3 Section 38, subparagraph 38.3 of the “United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria” • The batteries are not identified as defective for safety reasons by the manufacturer • The batteries must not be damaged • There must have no possibility of causing hazardous heat, fire or shorts, • The weight of the batteries must not be more than 5 kilograms. • Customer has to complete and handover the hard copy of “Shipper’s Declaration for Section II Lithium Cells / Batteries” to the company letterhead of shipper on MAWB.

Note: In case the failure of download of the files at UPU webpage, please contact with Pacific Air Limited Express Service Team for further assistance.

Classification of Battery Standard for batteries that can be sent by international mail Type Structure Interior content of lithium Watt / hour rated value



With regard to the liability of the Company, the carriage shall be subject to Laws and Regulations and the regulations and limitations established by the Conventions or Montreal Convention as may be applicable to the respective carriage. The foregoing applies irrespective of whether the carriage is interrupted, or the cargo/mail is reloaded.

Exclusion of Liability

The Company does not assume any liability for loading or delivery periods, nor for any specific order of handling of cargo/mail of the same carriages.

The Company is not liable for damage caused directly or indirectly by any compliance with laws, governmental regulations, requirements or orders or by any other event beyond the Company’s control.

The Company is not liable for damage or destruction to or delay of a cargo/mail caused by;

Force Majeure or in cases set forth in this agreement below. The inherent nature, quality or defect of the Cargo/mail; Improper packaging of the Cargo/Mail by anyone other than the Company or Company’s employee;

Loss or damage of the inner pieces with intact package and unbroken seal;

Acts relevant to inbound or outbound or transit of the Cargo/Mail as implemented by national administrative authorities.

An act of war including terrorist acts or an armed conflict, Cargo/Mail exposed to deterioration or decay due to change of climate, temperature, height or for any other usual circumstance or due to the duration of the agreed carriage time are taken on by Carrier to the exclusion of any liability for loss or damage caused by deterioration or decay.

Unless otherwise provided for in the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Company is not liable for any indirect consequences of damage or for direct or consequential damage, including loss of turnover, profit or earnings, interest, lost business transactions, currency risks, production shortfall or penalties resulting from any carriages subject to these Terms and Conditions, irrespective of whether the Company knew that any such damage might occur.

If the liability of the Company is excluded or limited according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, such exclusion or limitation shall likewise apply to any employees, representatives of the Company, as well as for any Company whose aircraft is used for the carriage and for the employees, representatives of the latter.


If the damage was caused by any act or omission of the Agent, consignee of the cargo/mail or the person claiming damage, or if such act or omission contributed to the occurrence of damage (contributory negligence), the Company will be entirely or partly released from liability.


1.1 General

The scope of Company’s liability depends on the regulations and limitations established by the Warsaw convention or Montreal convention whichever is applicable to the respective carriage.

1.2 Limitation of Liability in Respect of Total Amounts

The Company is liable for destroyed, lost, damaged or delayed cargo/mail only up to an amount of 19 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) per kilogram of the lost or damaged cargo/mail.


2.1 The unconditional acceptance of the cargo/mail by the person entitled to take delivery constitutes, until proof to the contrary, a proof that the cargo/mail has been delivered in faultless condition and in compliance with the contract of carriage.

2.2 If a rightful claimant intends to assert claims for compensation due to damage, partial loss equalling damage or delay, the consignee must without undue delay inform the Company by notification with sufficient description of the cargo concerned, the approximate time of damage and the details of the claim, in any event within 14 days after acceptance of the cargo/mail.

2.3 If the consignee fails to comply with the notification period, any action against the Company shall be excluded unless the latter fraudulently hindered the claimant to establish the facts to be notified or to issue the notificationin duetime.

2.4 All claims for damages against the Company shall be brought within a preclusive period stated in the Conventions which is applicable. The period commences on the day on which the aircraft arrived or should have arrived at the location of destination or on which the carriage was discontinued.

2.5 If the Company grants compensation despite failure to comply with the notification period or period for filing action, this shall with regard to any additionally asserted claims not constitute any waiver on the part of the Carrierto its right to invoke the failure to observe the time limits.


Neither Party shall be liable in respect of any failure to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement if such failure is due to reasons or circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to government interference, direction or restriction, war or civil disorders, strikes, blockade, insurrections, riots, acts of nature, disasters, diseases, epidemics, terrorist actions, or other emergencies. In such circumstances, this Agreement may be terminated by written notice from one Party to the other with no further obligations and liabilities provided that the force majeure event shall have continued for 30 consecutive days from when it was notified and provided further that such termination shall be without prejudice to any accrued rights and liabilities under this Agreement.


Owing to the nature of service, there will be “No Cancellation” or “Refund” once the shipment has been collected from the shippers premise.