Cross border E commerce sellers should concentrate on catalogue management.

The next generation customers are in search of rich online experience when they are purchasing a product from any marketplace. With an increasing number of customers preferring to go online to buy products, catalogue management has become one of the most important factors for sellers to list their products. Professional cataloguing is essential for a positive customer experience.

Catalogue management is a strategic method of managing e-commerce products, that ensures which ensures that the customer experience stands out. An organized catalogue management provides shoppers with descriptions of various merchandise, the eases product selection, improves customer retention and increase sales of the organization.

Follow these steps while setting up your store in any marketplace.


1.Updating SKU

Regular updates of SKU is very important for sellers as they have to make changes to the existing information and add new features to product constantly

2.Listing in multiple marketplaces

Selling on multiple marketplaces will increase your sales potential and result in good profits and also sellers will face lots of challenges while listing their product in all the marketplaces at the same time. Hence it’s up to the sellers to take the decision with efficiency they require to manage all the channels and deliver quality product details that amplify the expertise of the user. The key solution for this is offered by unicommerce to sellers to provide instantaneous and centralised cross-channel order and inventory management.

3. Maintaining data consistency

While listing your product in various marketplaces the chances of getting human errors are very high while managing data. Maintain data consistency so that it will not impact on customer satisfaction as the next generation customers will look into different marketplaces to choose the product.

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